Artwork Templates

Here you can find all the templates you need to optimize and custom your command. You will find different kind of Labels, Inner Sleeves and of course Sleeves. Please mail us for any information you need.

Please read this carefully before you send us your files!
  • Send us flattened .PDF files in CMYK only (save as PDF/X-1a:2001).
    We cannot accept .INDD/.PSD/.AI or any other kind of files.
  • For color management, simply use FOGRA39 Euroscale.
  • Don't forget to send us your files with the name of your project  (like : YourProject01 - Label A/Sleeve/Insert... etc)
  • Do not leave the template, guidelines or else, in the design you send us. Please Use this only as an example to help designing.
  • For le labels : fill the middleholes with artwork. Important /!\ Do not spare !
  • Sleeves,  Bleed for Labels and Inserts is 5 mm extra on all sides.

Labels :

12" - Label (100 mm) - Templates

7" - Label (92 mm) - Templates

Sleeves :

12" - Discobag or Inner Sleeve - Templates

12" - Outer Sleeve for 1 Record, 3 mm spine - Templates

12" - Outer Sleeve for 2 Records, 4 mm spine - Templates

12" - Gatefold, 7 mm spine - Templates

7" - Outer Sleeve for 1 Record, 185 mm - Templates

7" - Outer Sleeve for 1 Record, 180 mm - Templates

Holes are standard 100 mm for 12" Sleeves and 85 mm for 7" Sleeves, but 92 mm holes are also possible.

Download Cards :

Landscape 85 mm x 55 mm + 3 mm extra bleed on all sides or one side only, and backside is a standard black and white print with download code and info.

Please also send us an image of the album front side for use on the download page, in 100 x 100 mm RGB in the format you want between .png .gif or .jpg

Stickers :

Use the size you ordered plus 2 mm extra bleed on all sides.