About us

Kuroneko Phonogram Manufacture is a Warsaw-based vinyl factory created by the French group Kuroneko Media with the insight former-head of the EMI pressing plant. Kuroneko Media is a digital distributor. We also have an electronic music branch called Chat Noir Distribution. In a word : music is first of all a passion to us ! 

We decided in 2018 to open our own factory, for the purpose of proposing high quality vinyls everywhere in the world, in short times. 

Our factory is specialized in quick manufacturing lead-times and a 100% in-house production (cutting, galvanic, pressing, packaging).

Our human-scale customer service allows us to offer optimal responsiveness and a thorough follow-up on each of your projects.


Our turnaround time is approx. 7 working days for test pressings, then 10 working days for final order after Test Pressings approval. 

We are keeping these lead times for minimum the next following year as we have a large capacity. 

And another advantage with us : the lowest minimum quantity for pressing in Europe is 50 pieces. 


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Kuroneko Media

33 rue Chapon
+33 (0)1 49 96 50 83
mail us at kpm@kuroneko-media.com

Factory address

Kuroneko Phonogram Manufacturing Sp zoo
Jagiellońska 82
03-301 Warszawa